50 Ethical Companies Hiring Tech Positions

This article was written for the Skillcrush blog and combines two of my passions – changing the ratio of diversity in the tech industry, and encouraging sustainable and ethical lifestyles.


TGS Blog: Design Thinking

Those who work in the social sector know how difficult it can be to make clear choices regarding solutions to social problems. There often seem to be a million ideas and a tremendous lack of resources to execute them successfully. It’s also difficult to always pinpoint the audience for which you are designing a solution – it is easy to …


TGS Blog: Creative Testing

In an information cluttered world, clients must streamline their research testing methodology in order to reach fast, meaningful decisions about their businesses. The research process has shifted from lengthy, expensive black box to real-time and mobile. The industry is thinking about research testing much differently, because the speed of business is changing. Gone are the days when people have to …