AAA Website Redesign

Aware Awake Alive is an organization with the vision of a world in which no young life is cut short due to alcohol poisoning. By sharing educational resources and ways to take action, AAA equips youth and their communities with the tools and confidence to prevent lives lost from alcohol poisoning. We recently collaborated with AAA on a website redesign to bring their community an even better and more informative website.

Myself and the team at Too Good Strategy worked with AAA to craft a powerful user experience and place the mission of the organization at the forefront. We uncovered the true value of AAA by taking a community centered approach to creating the website, focusing on the experience of the target audience, young people and their families.

The focus of my role in this project was UX research, which involved stakeholder interviews, surveys, and data analysis. I also had a hand in content management, which included making sure all content was ready to be loaded onto the site. I was in charge of copywriting missing content and copyediting existing content, and I was also the main contact and liaison between my team and the client. After development was completed on the site, my role shifted to QA testing to make sure the content was correct and that all was running smoothly.

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