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Too Good Strategy recently collaborated with College Forward to launch a student portal. College Forward (CoFo) has been extremely successful in helping first generation students enter and graduate from college. However, that hasn’t been without some lessons learned. Anytime you are trying to guide teenagers and young adults, you are going to get varied results. CoFo is dedicated to measuring and evaluating their success so that all students can achieve the same level of success and so that CoFo can share their successful strategies with other nonprofit college access and completion programs across the country. The student portal was another step in this direction.

Not only does the student portal allow all students to access important information, articles, and deadlines related to college access and completion from any device, it also allows CoFo to track student-coach interactions, and streamline communications for ongoing evaluation. In short, it uses technology to level the playing field for information, and allows coaches to do what they do best – bond with the students and make them feel they have both a cheerleader and mentor poised to guide them to success.

Myself and the team at Too Good Strategy worked with CoFo students and coaches to do extensive user research. We uncovered what the true value of the student-coach relationship was, dissected the core pieces of information that students wanted and needed, and mapped coach activity to student success. We took this information and translated it into a cross-platform user experience for high school and college students while integrating with CoFo’s custom Salesforce instance to ensure both trackability and licensing opportunity. We worked closely with the Acceleration Agency to ensure an iterative solution that will continue to evolve and expand based on student and coach feedback.

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